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Waldorf dolls workshop in Institut Montana Zugerberg

Published on 2017-08-03

As many of us learn by the time we reach adulthood life is unpredictable. Sixteen years ago I would have never imagined I would return one day in my beloved high school in Switzerland to teach a doll making class!


The Mothercare & My Baba Pushchair Party!

Published on 2017-03-24

Last week Ciao Bimba participated in the amazing Mothercare & My Baba Pushchair party in London. We were delighted to meet all the wonderful mothers and children there and to hear their feedback about our dolls.


Meet the Ciao Bimba Dollmakers

Published on 2017-03-09

We are pleased to introduce to you the wonderful team of women behind the Ciao Bimba dolls. Every little peace of wool, thread, ribbon and fabric goes through their golden hands and hearts.


Young Dollmakers

Published on 2017-03-06

Last week we organized a doll making workshop for the youngest ones at the International Children's Creativity Centre in Sofia.


How to clean a Ciao Bimba doll?

Published on 2017-02-14

As all doll mamas know a dirty doll is a proof of love, nevertheless, every once in a while you have no choice but to wash your soft doll. Here are few short tips how to clean a natural fibre doll.


Materials We Use

Published on 2017-01-27

At Ciao Bimba we take great care to use the best available materials for our dolls. We firmly believe it matters what children play with. We cherish the conviction children are positively influenced by natural toys that provoke their creativity and sense of aesthetics.


How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life

Published on 2016-12-08

Each Ciao Bimba doll is born from the imagination and heart of our doll designer Maria Asenova. Our dolls are made following traditional Waldorf doll making techniques.  Each Waldorf inspired doll takes up to 12 hours to be made but we love every step of it. Here is graph and a video describing this creative process.