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How to clean a Ciao Bimba doll?

Published on 2017-02-14
How to clean a Ciao Bimba doll?

As all doll mamas know a dirty doll is a proof of love, nevertheless, every once in a while you have no choice but to wash your soft doll. Here are few short tips how to clean a natural fibre doll.

If your doll gets a small stain try removing it by spot cleaning your doll. Rub the soiled area with a lukewarm wet cloth and wool friendly soap. Make sure to rub up and down along the grain of the fabric to avoid stretching. Rinse with a clean wet cloth and then blot out the moisture.

If your choose to wash your whole doll you may do so by soaking it in cold water and wool friendly soap

and then spot rubbing. Rinse all soap out.

After you take your doll out of the water wrap it in a towel for a bit to soak all the moisture up.

Take care to reshape the doll with your hands after water is squeezed out.

Lay your doll flat on a drying rack and let it dry in shade or an air ventilated space. Do not ever tubmle dry your doll.