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Meet the Ciao Bimba Dollmakers

Published on 2017-03-09
Meet the Ciao Bimba Dollmakers

We are pleased to introduce to you the wonderful team of women behind the Ciao Bimba dolls. Every little peace of wool, thread, ribbon and fabric goes through their golden hands and hearts.

When Maria and I founded Ciao Bimba, we were very anxious whether we would find a good team to handcraft the dolls we had envisioned. We went through a huge learning curve including lots of experimenting, risk taking, and team building. Looking back, every effort was rewarded because now each team member in Ciao Bimba feels like family. We all know our strengths and weaknesses and try to help and complete each other. Most importantly, we never forget to have fun. We hope the joy we feel when we handcraft our dolls goes to the children who will eventually play with them.  

I can elaborate for days on all the import factors that contributed to our story but the short truth is that without the enthusiasm and dedication of our dollmakers our company would still be just a dream. A BIG thank you, Ladies!

Svetla is our Master head-maker forming traditional Waldorf heads and needle-felted heads. She makes the cutest bears and rabbits from wool and loves hiking. She also helps keep our inventory in order.

Simona is an expert in every dollmaking operation from cutting the jersey to embroidering the eyes. She coordinates every stage of  the dollmaking process insuring we have matching numbers of legs, hands, heads, colors etc. Simona is a third generation seamstress and sometimes her grandmother and mother help us out. She loves taking her children out in the wild.

Victoria stuffs the limbs of the dolls with wool.  Her steady hand guarantees that all Ciao Bimba dolls are stuffed smoothly and firmly and can survive lots of loving. She loves having walks with her daughter and cooking at home.


Betty and her twin sister Ellie (left to right) also stuff the limbs of our dolls. They are our youngest dollmakers and we are looking forward to see how their artistic skills will flourish. They love long walks in nature and photography.

Julia stuffs the body of the dolls with carefully formed wool and then sews the shoulders of the doll with an invisible stitch. She has a great sense of humor as you can see on the picture, loves playing with her kids and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Galina stuffs the body of the dolls with wool and attaches the head to the body with invisible stitch.  She makes sure the dolls look pretty when undressed and can resist lots of hugging. She loves talking to her four kids and is a children’s teacher in Sunday school.

Maria is the person behind all the charming smiles and shiny eyes of the dolls. She embroiders their eyes and mouths and applies their dimples. She makes gorgeous necklaces and embroideries in her free time.

Penka embroiders the eyes and smiles of the dolls and crochets wigs.  She loves creating homely atmosphere at home and making DIY projects with her daughter.

Biliana is one of our master head-makers and she often crochets wigs for our dolls. She is an expert in all things wool and we would be lost without her. 

Tania makes the belly buttons and the cute bottoms of the dolls. She also attaches the mohair wig to their head and applies the finishing touches with beeswax. She is full ideas for our dolls and loves music, sports and decorating.

Albena makes the knees, belly buttons and bottoms of the dolls. She sew the mohair wig to the head of the dolls and styles their hair.  She loves traveling, laughing and dancing.

Rosi makes the noses of the dolls and attaches their skin. She also sews manually the dolls’ labels so they are easy to remove without risk of damaging the  skin. She loves spending time with her daughter, walking and reading.

Mariana creates new dress models, cuts and grades the patterns and brings lots of enthusiasm. She is a newly baked grandmother so she is addicted with everything that has to do with children. 

Zwetelina is our main seamstress who dresses most of our dolls. She is a hobby opera singer and she often sings to us while she works. So if you ever hear a melody while you dress your doll you know where it comes from.

Alina is our garment technologist and designer. She is always full of ideas how to make a dress charming. In her free time she develops her own leather bags brand and sews toys for her daughter. She designs together with Maria all the little buddies of the Mini Ciao Bimba dolls.

Vasya and Alex are not dollmakers, however they are a fundamental part of our team. While we all wander in Dolly World they stand firmly in reality. Vasya is our accountant who manages everything from the quantities of threads we order to paying our VAT taxes. Alex is our website administrator and the only gentleman in our company. He makes sure  the magic of our dolls is visible also in the digital world.