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Young Dollmakers

Published on 2017-03-06
Young Dollmakers

Last week we organized a doll making workshop for the youngest ones at the International Children's Creativity Centre in Sofia. At the workshop each child made a puppet dwarf, choosing their own fabrics and patterns for the body, the head and hat. They stuffed their dwarfs with wool, using wooden sticks and painted their eyes and mouth. The only help they received from us was attaching the head to the body. All the kids were so happy to learn how to create a real toy!

It was the very first time we organized an event like this so we had no previous experience of making dolls with kids. To our surprise, they were deeply absorbed by the creative process. It was an inspiring experience to see that the magic of doll making knows no age boundaries. The young dollmakers aged between 3 to 5 years and showed lots of dedication, mindfulness and concentration.

Our fun activity resulted in a great dwarves collection. Each child took home its little buddy. We cannot wait for the next creative session with our young friends