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  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    I am the living dream of our doll master, Maria. I like to call her my mommy because she designed me and gave me my first breath.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    My head is made by our head master by gradually rolling carded wool into a ball.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    The lovely ladies in our studio stitch my eyes and mouth and give me the distinct Ciao Bimba look.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    My arms, legs and body are machine stitched in our studio. My mommy, Maria, specially designed me to be huggable and love- able. My skin is made of soft Swiss jersey milled uniquely for dolls like me.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    The girls in our studio stuff my body with natural wool milled in Bulgaria. They put lots of effort to make me soft and cuddly.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    My neck, shoulders, knees and belly button on are hand sewn by our skilled seamstresses.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    I have my very own hair stylist. She makes my hair by crocheting mohair boucle into a wig. Sometimes when I fancy a more elaborate hairstyle she crochets mohair yarn with mohair weft into a beautiful wig for me.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    At the end my mommy designs my beautiful dress using colorful Liberty Art Fabrics. For my shirt, underpants and shoes she uses Hilco and Westfalen fabrics. Then,our lovely seamstresses sew my clothes.
  • How a Ciao Bimba Doll Comes to Life
    Now, I am ready to be hugged!
We use exclusively OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified natural fabrics, ribbons and threads. All our materials comply with the EN71 European toys safety standard. Please note that all our toys carry the CE marking and are tested by an independent agency for conformity with the European toys safety standard.
Liberty Art Fabrics
The classic Liberty prints radiate flowery exuberance and lightness that matches the happy personalities of our dolls. For their dresses we use the unique Tana Lawn cotton, made without the use of crease-resisting chemicals or irritating allergens. The classic Liberty prints on Tana Lawn cotton are designed in England and produced in Italy.visit website
Laib Yala Tricot
All our dolls are made out of the sturdy Laib Yala Swiss jersey. It comes in various skin colors and allows for years of play without damage. We use cotton single jersey for the head and cotton interlock jersey for the body of the dolls.visit website
Natural Wool
Our dolls are filled with 100% natural wool from Bulgaria. Wool has biodynamic, memory retaining, soothing and fire-retardant properties. These properties make it the ideal material to bring to life our warm and soft dolls. Our wool is regularly tested for pesticides and other harmful substances.
Stocko YKK Fasteners
We use YYK STOCKO metal shoe eyelets for the shoes and metal snap buttons for the shirts of our dolls. They are produced in Germany.visit website
Guetermann Threads
We sew the body of our dolls with Mara 30 to ensure its durability and flexibility. For the clothing we use Mara 120 to guarantee a fine and even appearance.visit website
Schoeller + Stahl
The hair of our Classic Ciao Bimba dolls are exclusively made of the Schoeller + Stahl mohair boucle, exclusively milled in Germany.visit website
The Natural Fibre Company
We use brushed mohair, produced in England, to crochet our mohair wefts wigs.visit website
Mohair Wefts
The hair of our Darling collection dolls is 100% natural mohair weft made out of Chinese goat hair. It has been dyed with natural colors and has been tested for pesticides and other harmful substances.
We use DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton to embroider the eyes and the mouth of our dolls. Its exceptional sheen gives our doll an extra sparkle in the eyes. DMC threads are produced in France.visit website
All the shirts of our dolls are made out of Hilco jersey. Our dolls love its softness and always say it feels like a warm hug. We use Hilco fabrics also for the underwear and shoes. They are exclusively designed and produced in Germany.visit website
Satab brings fun and colorful textile finishes to brighten up our dolls and girls clothing. All ribbons are produced in France.visit website
We use Westfalen fabrics for the shoes, pants and underwear of our dolls. We love their high quality and sophistication. They are all exclusively designed and made in Germany.visit website