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Our Vision
Ciao Bimba is the loving creation of two mothers enchanted by the wonders of childhood. Our vision is to design handmade natural fiber art dolls that speak directly to children and inspire them to invent their own worlds. We believe in the importance of surrounding children with natural toys that are safe, beautiful and soothing to the soul. With lots of enthusiasm and attention to detail, we create special companions for children, to nurture their creativity and imagination. The origin of our dolls lies in the Waldorf pedagogy, which highlights the value of natural dolls in a child’s development and promotes simpler facial expression in order to allow the child to project its own emotions onto the doll. We hope each doll we send into the big wide world will become a treasured friend and companion for the magical journey of a child’s imagination.
Inspired by the wish of our own daughters to be dressed similarly to their favorite dolls, we decided to add to our collection girls’ dresses to match the outfits of the dolls. We believe this enriches the connection between the child and the doll and helps develop a friendship for life.
There is no limit to creativity so every season we add new accessories for our girls and dolls to play with. Our current collection offers clothes for the dolls, handmade cotton and wool necklaces for girls and doll bookmarks for your child’s favorite book.
With lots of love
Maria Asenova and Denitza Velasquez
Who we are
Ciao Bimba is the story of a great friendship between a talented doll maker and her greatest fan, who decided to join forces together to create a playful and joyful world.

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