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Behind Every Name There is a Story

On a beautiful autumn day in Ravello, Italy, a baby girl named Maya strolled the picturesque streets with her large family. It was her first trip away from home and she was soaking in every sight and sound of this scenic place.

All of a sudden, an old wooden door burst open and a cheerful bunch of boys stormed out of a school courtyard. As they ran freely they stopped suddenly in front of Maya and laughingly screamed “CIAO BIMBA!” and began tickling her. Maya was amazed by the attention and gave them a loving smile. Seconds later, the noisy group of boys disappeared, but the name “Ciao Bimba” stayed with Maya forever.

Later in the day, Maya’s family learned that the English translation for Ciao Bimba  is Hello, Baby Girl. Inspired by this funny episode, from that day forward, the whole family would greet Maya with “Ciao Bimba!” and she would respond with laughter.

Some time after Maya turned one year old, she received her first doll, which was destined to be called Bimba. Bimba became Maya’s trusted companion through both joys and sorrows.

A year later, when Maya’s mother decided to start a natural doll company, there was no doubt she would name it “Ciao Bimba.” To Maya’s mom, the nickname did not remain simply a beautiful memory from Italy, but it embodied all of her love for her child and everything wonderful about childhood – its endless spontaneity, joy, and magic!