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Cloth Dolls

Cloth Dolls to Nurture a Child’s Imagination

With lots of care and thoughtfulness, we create intricate cloth dolls that inspire creativity. We believe each cloth doll that comes out our doll maker’s hands is a little artisan baby that induces joy and contentment in a child’s heart.

Our vision is influenced by the Waldorf pedagogy, which emphasizes the value of natural dolls in a children’s pretend play as it activates body, mind and soul. There is nothing more beautiful than the magic, which springs up from letting a young mind’s imagination soar!

With our collection of cloth dolls, we try to represent the children of the world. The large variety allows everyone to choose different skin tones, hair and eye colour, models and styles. With each new season, we add new materials and combinations so every kid can find its lookalike companion, a trusted buddy that will be taken along on endless adventures.

All Ciao Bimba cloth dolls are handcrafted exclusively from wool and cotton, using unique designer European fabrics. Their body is made out of cotton jersey, specially milled to resist rough handling and stuffed with clean-carded wool. Their hair is crocheted out of mohair boucle or Angora goat weft in order to be soft and pleasant to the touch. Our first consideration is the safety of textiles, and only then, do we consider design and feel. Therefore, all materials are tested in accordance with the European toys safety standard.

We hope that each skilfully handmade cute friend that leaves our studio will convey playfulness and our enthusiasm for our craft.